17-month-old Reader

I just saw on the Today Show on NBC that there is a family who’s 17-month-old daughter is reading. It was amazing. They showed her some cards that her parents hadn’t seen and she read every one of them, even the one where Ann wrote “baby” in cursive. The parents said that they believe it is because they show her sign language videos to help her learn to sign. I’ve heard of babies that young being able to read “cat”, “dog”, “bat”, things like that but not sentences like “Good Morning, Ann” or “Throw the ball”. Even when her mom picked her up and set her on her lap, the little girl would say, “I want down.” I’ve only heard children of her age say, “Down” or throw a fit if they don’t want to be on anyone’s lap.

I just wanted to share that story. It’s amazing how children will amaze us each and every day.


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