Wow. For once in my life I have a blog other than that on MySpace. In case anyone is wondering why I chose Caitlyanna for my name on here, it is a combination of two of my favorite names: Caitlyn and Anna.

Now I’m not sure what to write… I can fill people who don’t know me personally with a little more information that I didn’t put in the “little biography” section on my profile.

Name: Courtney (Sorry you won’t get the last name)
Birthdate: February 27, 1982
Hometown: Bishop, California
Occupation: Cake Decorator at Baskin Robbins
Marital Status: Single (unfortunately)
Hobbies / Interests: Reading, writing, photography, quilting, creating webpages that will never go on the internet and are used to pass the time.
Favorite place to visit: Disneyland with my family
Why did I create this page: I don’t know. There’s honesty for you. I don’t even know if people care what I think or have to say.

Favorite TV Shows: Stargate Atlantis, CSI, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, BloodTies, The Biggest Loser, Ghost Hunters, Supernatural, Stargate SG1 (even though it’s no longer on), and just about everything on the Food Network and HGTV. As well as a few shows on the Disney Channel.

I think I’ll say just that for now. Until next time…


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