Gov. Spitzer and Ashley Dupre – Story over people, move on!

For the last few days, all the news seems to be showing is Gov. Spitzer and the fact that he had sex with someone other than his wife. Okay, to all the reporters out there, you’ve said it, it was morally wrong, he has apologized, he has resigned, please for GOD’s sake move on to something else. You people are making it sound as if the woman he saw was underage or something and you are also making it sound like it was Ashley Dupre’s fault that he cheated on his wife. It was HIS choice and they are consenting adults. She offers a service to anyone willing to accept and can afford it. She probably makes good money at it as well.

I understand that it was illegal to bring her across state lines, and that is where he broke the law, but you don’t have to show this story every 15 minutes. Back off and let these two go their separate ways. And please, please, please, stop making her sound like a monster. Like I said, I don’t know her but nobody deserves the attitude this country has given her or anyone else like her. Give them a freakin’ break.


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