Life sucks

I have come to realize today that life sucks.

Okay, so here’s my problem: I pinched my sciatic nerve in September 2007, got tendonitis in my left hip because of the pinched sciatic, had the nerve pinch so bad in February that I could barely walk and was facing the possibility of having a bulging disk in my back, but was put on some good meds and the pain seems to be receding, I’ve had a cold for the last 7 days and now I think I have pink eye for the first time in my life. I haven’t been around anyone with pink eye and have absolutely no friggin’ clue as to how I could have gotten it. I didn’t see my doctor today because the redness in my eye went away a little and a nurse (who is one of my regulars at work) looked me over and said that I don’t have pink eye, but now it is back. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in I don’t know how long because of the stupid, friggin’, god damn cough that keeps me up all night because every time I cough it feels like my lower spine is trying to rip out of my back. I’m hoping that I don’t have pink eye because I’m a cake decorator and cannot take anymore time off work, but I might have to since pink eye is highly contagious and I work around food.

This sucks!!!


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