Bad day at work….

Well I almost quit my job today. One of my co-workers is taking tomorrow (Saturday) off and didn’t bother to make sure that her shift was covered like the rest of us have to do. So my boss pulled my day help today and put Cathy on Saturday’s shift. Then he had the nerve to tell me that I probably won’t get that busy today, but it was supposed to get up to 72 degrees and I work in an ICE CREAM store. Every time I turned around to decorate a cake order, people would walk in. I got all of my orders done except one and now I have to go in on my day off tomorrow and finish it. Hopefully I will get there early so that I don’t have to see my boss and possibly say something that I will regret, but he will get an earful come Monday.


The thing that also bugged me was that today must have been rude-and-stupid-people day and nobody bothered to tell me. Just about every person that walked through that door today was either rude, stupid, or both. One lady came in with her three kids. I was polite and said, “Hi.” She looked at me as if I called her a horrible name. Then when her youngest points to the clown cones and said that he wanted that, she turned to him and said, “No I’m not getting that for you. Now get over here and pick out you ice cream.” I think so many people are incapable of even saying a two letter word like “hi” as if it is a fifty letter word that no one knows how to properly pronounce. Is it really that difficult? Here are a few of my other work-related pet peeves I have that happened to me today:


  • Can you hear me now? When ordering, please for the love of Christ SPEAK UP and don’t get pissed off at me when I can’t hear you because I have five generators venting back at me and I can’t hear you.
  • Also if you really want me to hear you either get the cell phone off your ear for two seconds so I can take your order, pull the sweatshirt strings out of you mouth so your words are comprehensible, or if you are hard-of-hearing, get a damn hearing aid and wear it!
  • “Are you the only one working?” asks a customer. There are times when I just want to reply, “No I’m sorry I have five co-workers in the back laughing their asses off because they feel like being shit-heads and don’t want to help you.” But unfortunately I can’t reply with that answer. Ah but to dream…
  • And so like don’t like um wait for like three people to like walk in after you and like expect me to like um wait for you to like um finish your like um conversation about like Suzy going on a date with like Brad of all people ugh for me to help you because like no body really like um cares about your um like conversation. Ah… to relive four years of high school in all of five minutes. I don’t care just order you damn ice cream so I can get back to decorating.


Can you tell I’ve had a bad day?


And damn you prescription medication. Because of you I can’t have a beer!!! I need a hug…


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