A new cake design

I just finished my concept drawing for my Stargate Atlantis 100th episode cake that I’m hoping to do for this year’s Tri County Fair and thought I would share. I also told Joe Mallozzi that I would draw something up just in case MGM would want to take a look. Over the next few months, I’ll work on my cake dummy for my entry and post pictures along the way. I had to put the text on the cake by using Photoshop because it was the only way to get it to show up clearly. If you look at the picture up closely, you’ll notice that around the base of each tier, the band has the titles of some episodes written. They are only of the first three seasons because that was all I could fit on my drawing.

This is one of my favorite TV shows as I have stated before and if you’ve never seen it, check it out. It is a show that you have to see from the very beginning just to get the concept of the show down, and you might even have to check out some episodes from Stagate SG1, Atlantis’s parent show that aired for ten years becoming the longest running SciFi show.


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