Let the madness begin…

Every year I tell people that I’m not ready for this week. For any of you that have never been to Bishop in May, we have this celebration called Mule Days. For visitors, it’s a great week long event to celebrate mules, but for the locals, most stay home for the majority of the week if they can help it. Most of the vistors can be nice, but there are a few that seem to think that since they are visitors to my town that I have to bend over backward for them and handle their ever whim. I don’t think so. This is my town. The least you can do is not treat me like a slave unless you want me to come visit your home and demand that you be my slave.

You can always tell the difference between the visitors and the locals that actually do manage to leave their home because the visitors seem to come to our town and think all of us locals dress like cowboys 365 days a year. We don’t. Very few of us dress like that and the ones that do, usually live or work on a farm or ranch around here or they compete in the rodeos which are big around here. The visitors that dress like cowboys typically dress all wrong. Don’t get me wrong, because I don’t dress like a cowgirl ever. It’s just not me. The main thing that bugs the hell out of me is when people wear their jeans inside their boots because they want to show them off. Cowboy boots aren’t meant to be shown off. They are meant to be practical. Then people see the actual cowboys or cowgirls and see that they have their jeans outside of their boots and their boots are well worn and scuffed. The reason why you wear your jeans on the outside of their boots is to keep the mud from getting inside your boots and it just looks stupid to push your jeans inside your boots.

One of the coolest things about Mule Days that I still find fun to watch is the parade on Saturday. It is the only non-motorized parade in atleast the States. All of the entries cannot be pulled by a car of any kind, but by either humans or an animal of some kind. The last few years, we’ve had the Budweiser clydesdales visit the area. Budweiser films quite a few of their commercials around the Owens Valley so we see the trailers come through the area all the time. Budweiser also keep the huge horses at the Fair Grounds so you can pet them. We also have few other visitors in the parade just about every year. We’ve had Smokey Bear and Ronald McDonald. Some of the entries shows off the pack teams around the area and some are political while others are humorous. Entries come from all over the country. If you want to come to Bishop for Mule Days and it’s your first time, you don’t want to miss the parade, however, just make sure that you are close to Main Street before 9:30am because the streets close at that time.

As for me this year, I will be spending the majority of the weekend at the Methodist Church at the Calico Quilters Quilt show. The Methodist Church is located on the corner of Church Street and Fowler Street, next to Bishop Union High School. The hours for the Quilt Show are Saturday 10am – 4pm and on Sunday 10am – 1pm. We will be raffling off a quilt and there will also be door prizes given out every half hour or hour (I can’t remember) and there is a mini raffle table with hand-made items that will be awarded toward the end of the show on Sunday. I am a member of the Calico Quilters and am the second-youngest member as well as the historian. It does cost a few dollars to get into the show but it is well worth it to see how talented the women and some men are in the area. My mom organized an antique quilts display this year and has gathered over 40 quilts ranging in age of 30 years to over 100. There are a few Civil War era quilts on display which are neat to look at and see the difference between what quilting meant 100 years ago and how it has evolved into an art form of today. We do ask that if you visit the show, please do not touch the quilts (especially the antique quilts as some of them are very fragile). There will be women that have white gloves roaming around and if you would like to see the back of a quilt, please ask one of these women and they will turn a part of the quilt over. Please come and join us.

Have fun at Mule Days this year and if you’re a visitor, please be nice and treat our city with the same respect you have for your city.  Below are a few pictures from the 2005 Mule Days (I can’t locate my pictures from the last two years).



Way to go California!!

California did a great thing yesterday by allowing gay marriage. I’ve always argued with people about gay marriage. They seem to think that if I’m for it, I must be a lesbian. No. I am simply a straight person that supports gay rights, including the right to marry. America is known as the “Land of the Free”, but it should also be the “Land of Hypocricy”. Please don’t get me wrong. I am very proud to be an American, but there are times when I am disappointed with my government for the way that they, of all people, treat certain Americans for simply being the persons that they were born to be.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. (Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776)

It’s funny how over 232 years, the American people have different opinions about what that line from the Declaration of Independence actually means. If this line is to be considered true to this day, then the American people need to wake up, open their eyes and realize that by banning same-sex marriage, the American government is refusing some people’s rights to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness. I have a number of gay friends and as a woman, if I’m allowed to marry the man I choose to spend the rest of my life with, then my friends should have the right to marry the person of their choice despite their sexual orientation.

“Gay and lesbian people have families, and their families should have legal protection, whether by marriage or civil union. A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages is a form of gay bashing and it would do nothing at all to protect traditional marriages. People are free in our nation to pursue relationships as they choose. To redefine marriage, however, to suit the preference of those choosing alternative lifestyles is wrong.” Coretta Scott King

Certain politicians have stated that they are against same-sex marriages because they believe that it is morally wrong. According to whose morals? Yours? Your religious beliefs? One hundred percent of the American people? I can understand if they are your moral beliefs, but what gives you the right to say that because you think it is morally wrong, it becomes okay to discriminate against certain people. Allowing a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage is blatant discrimination that, unfortunatly, the American government and a lot of its people are incapable of realizing. If the government will not allow a business owner to refuse employment to someone based on that person’s sexual orientation, then why is it alright for the government to deny the right to marry based on a person’s sexual orientation? You cannot call America the “Land of the Free” if everyone is NOT entitled to the same rights. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

You also shouldn’t judge a person by what they choose to do behind closed doors. I don’t want to know what two consenting adults do privately, nor should the public or government.

To my boss…

Dear Richard,

 I’m sorry that I came in today on my day off to finish a cake order that I couldn’t get done yesterday and didn’t have enough time to fill the cake case because I had to miss work on Thursday and it put me a day behind. I’m sorry that I made plans to be somewhere this morning a month ago. I’m sorry that I don’t recall getting the memo saying that I was not allowed to have a life beyond the store. I’m sorry that I’m not capable of splitting myself into fifteen people to do the fifteen jobs required of me and only me, where as the majority of everyone else gets to sit on their asses while I work mine off because I have one more thing added to my job description than everyone else. I’m sorry that I’m 26 years old and have the body of a 90 year old with absolutly no fucking clue as to why my body is breaking down. I’m sorry that I had to see my doctor on Thursday because I couldn’t feel my left leg nor put any weight on it when I woke up and was fearful that I had a hairline fracture in my leg. I’m sorry that I have a knee injury that I have no fucking clue as to how I could’ve gotten it or when I got it. I’m sorry that I put the customers that are capable of thinking ahead and order their cakes early over those who look at the calendar on Saturday or Sunday morning and say, “Holy shit it’s Mother’s Day. Let’s get mom a fattening cake that she probably doesn’t need to be eating in the first place and will probably make her feel miserable for the rest of the day because she’ll have to break her diet in order to eat it to show her how much we love her.” I’m sorry that between the time you leave in the morning and come back in the evening, we could have sold all the cakes that were in the case when you left plus the ones I did while you were gone, making you ask my co-workers what the fuck I did all day. Yes, you caught me… I sit in the back all day picking at my ass instead of decorating all the cakes you sell and get paid for it. Just because you might not see the finished product doesn’t mean I didn’t do it. What do you want me to tell the customers? “I’m sorry but you can only purchase cakes between the times of 11:00 am – 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm when my boss is here to prove that I actually work my ass off during the day.” I’m sorry that you’ve turned into a miserable, grouchy old man because you’re done with the store and can’t wait to close it for good making all of miserable in the process. I’m sorry I’m not Yasmine, Cheryl, Alaina, or Sharon.

 And last but not least… I’M SORRY I’M NOT FUCKING PERFECT!!!

Sincerely your employee for a combined total of six years,


New cake photos and bad news…


Okay I’ll get the bad news over and out of the way. The Baskin Robbins that I work at in Bishop will more than likely be closing sometime between Mule Days (Memorial Day weekend) and June 30th. My boss is retiring and the three people interested in buying the store aren’t stupid enough to sign the new lease given by the new landlords, not to mention that the rent has gone up quite a bit. The new landlords want the new owners to sign a five-year lease with the option that the landlords can evict them after giving them a one-year notice and will give them $12,000 for every year left on the lease. So my boss did the math. If someone was stupid enough to sign the new lease, they pay $60,000 for the business and $70,000 for the mandatory remodel asked by Baskin Robbins for a grand total of $130,000 for the business. Then after one year the landlords give them the notice and the next year the business leaves the Cottonwood Plaza. That leaves them with three years left on the lease so the landlords give them $36,000 back. So then the owners are out $94,000. Yeah that seems fair.


Baskin Robbins was my first job and my good stand-by if anything happened with another job. I first started working nights there in August 2000 and left exactly (to the day) three years later to move to Phoenix to live with my aunt and uncle after my cousin was born. I lived with them for five months and moved back to Bishop. While I was waiting to hear on my job at a bank I work at Baskin Robbins for a couple of months and came back again after a year and a half at the bank. Shortly after coming back the third time I was given the opportunity to decorate the cakes. I have been the cake decorator for two and a half years now and I’m going to miss being there, even if I think it’s haunted, but that’s another post. I have worked there for a grand total of six years. I have people that say they will only buy their cakes from me because I do the best job in town (their words not mine).


I have decided that I am going to do cakes away from Baskin Robbins, but because of the price of gas, I will only do cakes for people located inside the Owens Valley for now unless people want to pay my traveling expenses. If anyone is interested, you can contact me at caitlyanna@yahoo.com. Thank you to all my customers over the years and I will miss all of you. Now on to a few of my latest cakes…