New cake photos and bad news…


Okay I’ll get the bad news over and out of the way. The Baskin Robbins that I work at in Bishop will more than likely be closing sometime between Mule Days (Memorial Day weekend) and June 30th. My boss is retiring and the three people interested in buying the store aren’t stupid enough to sign the new lease given by the new landlords, not to mention that the rent has gone up quite a bit. The new landlords want the new owners to sign a five-year lease with the option that the landlords can evict them after giving them a one-year notice and will give them $12,000 for every year left on the lease. So my boss did the math. If someone was stupid enough to sign the new lease, they pay $60,000 for the business and $70,000 for the mandatory remodel asked by Baskin Robbins for a grand total of $130,000 for the business. Then after one year the landlords give them the notice and the next year the business leaves the Cottonwood Plaza. That leaves them with three years left on the lease so the landlords give them $36,000 back. So then the owners are out $94,000. Yeah that seems fair.


Baskin Robbins was my first job and my good stand-by if anything happened with another job. I first started working nights there in August 2000 and left exactly (to the day) three years later to move to Phoenix to live with my aunt and uncle after my cousin was born. I lived with them for five months and moved back to Bishop. While I was waiting to hear on my job at a bank I work at Baskin Robbins for a couple of months and came back again after a year and a half at the bank. Shortly after coming back the third time I was given the opportunity to decorate the cakes. I have been the cake decorator for two and a half years now and I’m going to miss being there, even if I think it’s haunted, but that’s another post. I have worked there for a grand total of six years. I have people that say they will only buy their cakes from me because I do the best job in town (their words not mine).


I have decided that I am going to do cakes away from Baskin Robbins, but because of the price of gas, I will only do cakes for people located inside the Owens Valley for now unless people want to pay my traveling expenses. If anyone is interested, you can contact me at Thank you to all my customers over the years and I will miss all of you. Now on to a few of my latest cakes…


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