In Loving Memory of Granna

Shirley a.k.a. Granna - 19 Years Old

Shirley a.k.a. Granna - 19 Years Old

Shirley, or Granna, was born on December 27, 1927 in Providence, Rhode Island and passed away on June 27, 1985 in Ventura, California at the age of 57. She was a loving mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She passed away from cervical cancer.

This day of the year never gets easier for me and I know it can be hard on my family as well. I was three years old when she passed away and some people have told me over the years that I shouldn’t feel too bad on this day only because I didn’t really get the chance to know her. She lived in Ventura and I have lived almost my entire life over 200 miles away in Bishop. She was still my grandmother and I love her so much even if I didn’t get the chance to know her.

Granna with a Stripper

Granna with a Stripper

I only have one memory of Granna and it had to be shortly before she passed away. We were in Santino’s Pizzaria in Ventura and I told her that I wanted to play one of the games they had. She took me into the little room and propped me up on her knee and let me hit the buttons on the sides of the pinball machine while she launched the ball. I’m not sure if that is the reason I love pinball machines so much, because they remind me of her, or if it’s just fun to play. In the memory I can’t remember her face unless I get really upset, stressed or angry, then her face pops up in that memory and I calm down a little. I can, however, pick her out of any photos people show me.

She has left behind 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren and we all miss her so much. She had a wonderful spirit and a sense of humor. Our family continues to grow and she is always in our thoughts and prayers. We know that she is always watching us and keeping us safe.

God Bless you Granna and may your wonderful spirit rest in peace!


A Milestone for my Grandfather…

I either didn’t know or just simply forgot that my grandfather is a Master Mason with the Freemasons. On Tuesday June 17, 2008, Pa and his brother both received their 50 year pins. They both joined in 1958 following in the footsteps of their father and we all know that Grandpa would be so proud of his sons for reaching this milestone. We all got to join them in the celebration Tuesday night and my mom got to attatch the 50 year pin on Pa’s lapel.

Quite a few people turned up for the event and congratulated both of them. There were a few other masons celebrating their 25th year up to their 44th for a few. Two other masons from the Ridgcrest temple showed up to congratulate Pa and Uncle Clint (why we call him Clint is beyond me because his name is George) and to also invite the Bishop masons to come down and spend a day with them in Ridgecrest.

It was very fun and exciting to see Pa’s face light up when he saw people I don’t think he’s seen in a while.

Pa and his three granddaughters.


New Change for a Changing Body…




So people have asked me if I was going to do anything once I started to lose weight. My simple answer was completed on Saturday, May 31, 2008. In January of this year I found out I was 100 pounds overweight, even though I didn’t look it, and was doctor-ordered to lose weight. I joined The Biggest Loser Club and so far have lost 19 pounds. So to celebrate I cut off somewhere around 17 inches of hair. This was something I was really looking forward to for soem time. When my friend Cathy and I couldn’t go away from Bishop for my birthday in February, she decided to pay for the cut.

The last time my hair was professionally cut was four years ago. Since then I have been growing my hair out so that I could donate it to Locks of Love for the first time in my life. So many people that were in the salon on Saturday couldn’t believe I was going to cut off as much as I did. Every time I do this I have to explain to people that my hair grows so fast that I don’t really care what I do to my hair. Also that because my hair is so thick that once it reaches a certain length I have no choice but to cut it so that I don’t have constant head and neck aches. Now the only thing I’m looking forward to is getting used to the fact that I don’t have much hair left on my head.