New Change for a Changing Body…




So people have asked me if I was going to do anything once I started to lose weight. My simple answer was completed on Saturday, May 31, 2008. In January of this year I found out I was 100 pounds overweight, even though I didn’t look it, and was doctor-ordered to lose weight. I joined The Biggest Loser Club and so far have lost 19 pounds. So to celebrate I cut off somewhere around 17 inches of hair. This was something I was really looking forward to for soem time. When my friend Cathy and I couldn’t go away from Bishop for my birthday in February, she decided to pay for the cut.

The last time my hair was professionally cut was four years ago. Since then I have been growing my hair out so that I could donate it to Locks of Love for the first time in my life. So many people that were in the salon on Saturday couldn’t believe I was going to cut off as much as I did. Every time I do this I have to explain to people that my hair grows so fast that I don’t really care what I do to my hair. Also that because my hair is so thick that once it reaches a certain length I have no choice but to cut it so that I don’t have constant head and neck aches. Now the only thing I’m looking forward to is getting used to the fact that I don’t have much hair left on my head.



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