Book Review: Shadows

Shadows by John Saul

Shadows by John Saul


They call it the Academy. A secluded, cliff-top mansion overlooking the rugged Pacific coast. A school for children gifted—or cursed—with extraordinary minds. Children soon to come under the influence of an intelligence even more brilliant than their own—and unspeakably evil. For within this mind a dark plan is taking form. A plan so horrifying, no one will believe it. No one but the children. And for them it is already too late. Too late, unless one young student can resist the seductive invitation that will lead… into the Shadows.

My Review:

Shadows is one of the best novels by John Saul. The horror behind this story slowly creeps up on you and will keep you guessing until the very end. Just when you think you have the children, and the adults alike, figured out, you’re wrong. This is definitly a story for anyone who wants a good horror story without all the blood and gore that usually goes along with the genre. There is one aspect of the story that isn’t answered in the end which I found odd that it wasn’t addressed even though there were questions throughout the story. After finishing this book, you will never look at the capabilities of computers or the human brain the same way ever again. Excellent read even though it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.


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