Winter has arrived…

Mt. Tom and Mt. Basin

Mt. Tom and Mt. Basin

Winter decided to arrive in the Eastern Sierra last week and hasn’t shown any sign of giving up quite yet. This is the first winter I will work at Starbucks and unfortunately must deal with the ever so rude skiiers on their way to Mammoth. So far in the last week the skiiers have been, for the most part, kind. Shocking I know. I think they’ve realized (at least I hope they have) that if we still have snow on the ground after a week, then Mammoth isn’t going to lose any on the mountain any time soon. I mean think about it – Bishop is located at 4,140 feet in elevation while the Village at Mammoth Lakes is just over 8,000 feet. If Bishop still has snow, Mammoth has a whole lot more.

A creek. - Photo by Courtney

A creek. - Photo by Courtney

However, to all the skiiers traveling to Mammoth for this winter holiday, please don’t, and I mean DON’T, drive like you would in LA on dry pavement. That is how you destroy your vehicle by hitting black ice and sliding off the road and possibly hitting a snow pole, tree or another car. No one is to blame but your stupid idiotic self. Don’t go blaming anyone else for you stupidity. I don’t know how many cops that I will ask how their day/week os going and they tell me that they had to scrap another skiier off the pavement because they don’t know how to drive in the freaking snow and ice. Another thing, don’t chew us locals out because we tell you that the road is closed and the California Highway Patrol isn’t going to care that you spent a shit load of money getting a hotel in Mammoth and then left too late and they won’t let you up 395 which is the only road leading to Mammoth from Bishop.

Mt. Williamson outside Independence - Photo by my dad.

Mt. Williamson outside Independence - Photo by my dad.

 While yes most of the skiiers will piss off the locals by being assholes, the snow does make the mountains very imressive to look at. The day after it snowed I decided to go for a drive and take a few pictures of our new winter wonderland. The fact that the snow has now stayed for a week and is treatening to dump more is saying something. For the first time in almost 20 years, we have a good possibility of waking up Christmas morning to a White Christmas. I will admit I don’t like being cold, but I do like to look at the snow.

So to cover everyone out there:

Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Year (if I don’t post before then)!! Have a great and safe holiday.


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