Road Trip!!!!… or Rather 2 Road Trips and the Bumps Along the Way.


 So here I am sitting in the lovely Imperial Beach, California and I must say it is gorgeous. I’m staying at my friend Robert’s house who is unfortunately being deployed on a ship the day after tomorrow. I did get to spend a little time with him while I’m here. He showed me around a bit and took me to a few of his favorites. I think I’ll wrap up my road trips so far since I will be forced back to work on Monday (that is if I can get back to Bishop).

Lassen National Park

Lassen National Park

Saturday, July 11th: I left Bishop only a few minutes behind what I wanted to leave. I then got half way to June Lake and had to turn around and go back to Bishop because I forgot my blankets and pillows. After wasting an hour and a half and a quarter tank of gas, I was on the road again. I figured I’d be able to make it to Roseburg, Oregon (about 600+ miles) in one day. Sadly I was mistaken. I did manage to make it through Lassen National Park before spending the night in Redding, California. Lassen was beautiful and I need to plan another trip where I can spend more time really looking at the park, not just driving through it. What Mindy forgot to tell me was that the road consists of VERY windy roads with no shoulders, no guard rails, and sheer drop off cliffs. Other than that it was a very pretty drive and I’m glad I took Mindy’s advice and went through. The bad part was that the pressure from going up and down all of the passes popped my last wisdom tooth through almost in one day. That hurt like hell. But I made it to Redding where I stayed with my mom’s really good friend Debbie. One of her dogs slept with me all night then took over my pillow first chance he got.



The Sundial Bridge

The Sundial Bridge

Sunday, July 12th: Debbie introduced me to Dutch Brothers’ Coffee and I have to admit, it’s better than Starbucks. Shh don’t tell anyone. I have the Annihilator which is chocolate and macadamia. It was so good. Then Debbie showed me the Sundial Bridge. If you are ever in Redding, California please check this place out. It was incredible. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Then I was on the road again. Luckily the drive from Redding to Roseburg isn’t that long just kind of boring. I stopped to get gas and to pull something to eat out of the ice chest and noticed that my scones had fallen into the water of the melted ice. I couldn’t save any. Just my luck. I got to see Mount Shasta on my way. I loved the drive when I got close to and entered Oregon. It’s so beautiful with all the trees everywhere. It kinda of reminds me of Mammoth or June Lake. I found a Raley’s in Yreka that had an entire isle full of gluten free foods. I was ecstatic but managed to contain myself. So many choices. Then before I knew it I was driving over a pass into Oregon with fog covering everything and then I met up with Mindy and her boyfriend Mike. Mindy and I last saw each other at Christmas and I almost didn’t call her beforehand but I’m glad I did. She would have been in the woods somewhere with no cell reception.


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