Comic Con – Day 3 for Me… The Best Day of My Life.

Stargate: Universe

Stargate: Universe

So it’s been two weeks since I left San Diego and the 2009 Comic Con. Looking back on everything that happened that weekend, Friday, July 24th was by far the best day of my life. I got into the line for Stargate Universe at 7:15am and had a blast talking with a few people while all of us were losing feeling in our extremities by standing or sitting for so long. They started to let people into Ballroom 20 at around 9:45am and I managed to grab one of the last seats in the second row. Brad Wright and Robert Cooper came out and introduced the new cast for Stargate Universe and showed us the extended trailer. The show looks amazing and the trailer made it look more like a movie rather than a television show. So far I’m loving where the Stargate franchise is headed. Universe is already looking like it will live up to the success of the Atlantis and SG1. The cast was amazing and I don’t know if they could have ever been fully prepared for the fan following they have even though the show doesn’t premiere until October. The room was packed.

After the panel was over, I headed back into the Exhibit Hall to look around more. There were so many people that you could barely walk around without being shoved left and right. I received a large Stargate poster from their booth by mentioning that I had just come from the panel and I read Joe Mallozzi’s blog every night. The girl was amazed and said I deserved the poster because obviously I’m a huge fan. I turned around ready to trudge through the crowds one more time and there was my friend Jett. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the opportunity to meet up with him with all the craziness that is Comic Con. I met his girlfriend, who I kind of already knew, and she is a sweetheart. We hung about for a bit before I headed for the Eureka panel.

Me with Matthew Gray Gubler

Me with Matthew Gray Gubler

I got up there and there was a line for two panels before and I didn’t want to sit through two panels I didn’t want to see. So I found a spot against a wall and pulled up the internet on my laptop while I relaxed. Then I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up I saw a guy in a wheelchair headed my way. I didn’t put two-and-two together until he was turning a corner into a room – Matthew Gray Gubler, Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. I didn’t know he was in injured. Thank God Comic Con had free WiFi because I found out he had knee surgery. About 45 minutes or so he came out and I asked if I could get a picture with him and he agreed. I will admit that I was in both shock and awe. He was incredibly nice and it was nice to see him outside the character of Spencer Reid. He even complemented me on my shirt and laughed when I told him that it glows in the dark. I let him get on his way since he was showing his new movie How to be a Serial Killer at one of the theatres in the Gaslamp District. I would have gone if the Eureka panel wasn’t starting.


Me with Josh Gates of Destination Truth

I managed to get third row (first row for fans behind the Eureka VIPs) and right in front of Josh Gates. Like Matthew, so freakin’ hot!! The Eureka panel was fun even though Colin Ferguson couldn’t be there, but then Mark Sterns, the Sr. VP of the SyFy channel told Josh to call him. Colin was in Bulgaria where it was 2am. When Josh got him on the phone, Josh told Colin that he was with the Bulgarian Police Department. After a lot of screaming by the thousands of fans in the room, Colin asked Mark Sterns if there would be a fourth season of Eureka. Mark said that he didn’t want to announce it this way (i.e. at Comic Con) but that they had just signed the paperwork for another 22 episodes of Eureka under one condition – they have to do at least one musical episode (Colin and Erica asked for a small part). Mark, what better way to announce something like that than in front of thousands of fans who came from around the world to show support for a show we love. Before letting Colin go Josh had all of us sing Happy Birthday to Colin, whose birthday was just a few days earlier. It was so much fun. Josh then asked Mark how another season for Destination Truth was looking and Mark replied with a “no comment.” Once the panel was over, I got Josh’s attention and asked him for a picture as well. He finished what he was doing and took a picture with me. It’s nice to know that they are willing to take a minute of their time to meet their fans.


Me with Saul Rubinek, Eddie McClintock and Allison Scgaliotti of Warehouse 13.

It was time for the SyFy screening for Eureka and Warehouse 13. We’re all sitting their waiting for it to start and in walks Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek and Allison Scagliotti of Warehouse 13. It took the fans a minute to realize who they were and the screaming and applauding commenced. The two episodes were so much fun to watch on the big screen. The actors hung back after the episode were done to mingle with the fans. I got to talk with Saul for a little with another fan. He asked us how we liked the show so far and I put in my two cents and noticed that Mark Sterns and one other big wig for the show were standing right behind me listening in. I managed to get the last picture with them before they were ushered from the room. They went one way and I went the other. When I got to the bottom of the escalator heading out of the Convention Center, there was Eddie, Saul and Allison heading out as well. We happened to be heading in the same direction and Eddie was harassing Allison and I couldn’t help but chuckle. I don’t know why I said it but I got up behind them and said, “Now, now children play nice.” Eddie turned to me and said, “But I don’t want to.” and continued until Allison got away from him. Heading to the street I asked them “What no stretch limo? They make you walk?” We got to talk a little more, but not about the show. It was so much fun and a good ending to a stressful week with my car breaking down on me. I got to give Eddie directions to Café Diem, the Hard Rock’s café that SyFy redecorated to look like the Café Diem in Eureka. I gave them somewhat wrong directions but they would have gotten there anyway, just through the wrong door. I had dinner there the night before. Good food and a lot for the price. Kind of expensive, but it’s Comic Con – everything was expensive.

For all of the stress that happened with my car, I know I will never forget that day. If any of the actors I got to meet ever get on here to read this, I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for the time you set aside for all of us fans during an event like Comic Con. I know that you always say that it’s because of us that you get to do what you do, but it’s you that give us a reason to watch and to support you. You get the opportunity to entertain us night after night, week after week, and it’s nice to know that you are willing to spend time with us, meeting us, and taking pictures that will last us a lifetime. You give us the opportunity entertain all of our friends and families with our stories of meeting you. Thank you so much for everything you do for us fans and giving us a reason to attend Comic Con year after year. It may have been two weeks since Comic Con but I am still in awe that I got to experience something like that.

I leave all of you with pictures from Friday of Comic Con. Enjoy.

Jett and Me by the New Moon booth.

Jett and Me by the New Moon booth.

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, creators of Stargate: Universe.

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, creators of Stargate: Universe.


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