Stargate Universe

So I know that in my posts about Comic Con I said that I waited in line for over three hours to see the panel for Stargate Universe – a new show on SyFy that wouldn’t air for another three months. Well those three months have passed and I have had the wonderful privledge of seeing the first four episodes. Stargate Universe, or SGU for short, first aired on October 2nd and is the third Stargate show for the franchise.

SGU follows a group of military personel, scientists and civilians who are trapped aboard an ancient ship on a pre-deIMG_3829termined course which they can’t alter. With only Ancient Stones (an ancient communication devise which temporarily allows a person to switch bodies across great distances) as their only connection with Earth, the new inhabitants of Destiny must learn to work together and survive or die on the other side of the universe. SGU is more chacater-based than SG1 or Atlantis were. When I first heard that Atlantis was cancelled and SGU was green-lit, I had my hesitations. I enjoyed Atlantis but kept hope for SGU because of the faith I have in Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper. Stargate helped open my eyes to the wonderful possibilities of SciFi, a genre which I now love. Seeing the cast at Comic Con was an experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to see more of what SGU has in store for us.

A few weeks ago I entered a contest and promply forgot about it because I never win anything. Saturday I opened my email and there was a message saying that I had won an autographed poster for SGU. I was so excited (do you blame me?) that I called everyone. I follow just about the entire cast and some of the crew on Twitter, as well as Brian J. Smith’s mom Sherry Harris. Sherry has become kind of another mom to me on there and I enjoy our chats. Twitter is such a great way that actors can keep in touch with their fans around the world and I, as a fan, love to read about what is happening in their lives beyond work.