Flashback Friday: One Milestone Down… Many more to Come

My Mini Diploma

You want the break down of graduates? Okay. My great-grandmother graduated from the Bishop Academy for Girls in 1922. The school was changed sometime after to Bishop High School, but stayed in the same spot after the original building burnt to the ground (it was a wooden building) and they rebuilt using stone. My grandfather graduated in 1950, my mom in 1974, my uncle Jeff in 1978, my brother in 1998 and I graduated in 2000. My cousin Donald graduated in 2007 and tomorrow his sister Acacia will make the 8th person in our family to graduate from Bishop Union High School. This year marks the end of a few things associated with both my family and the school as well. After tomorrow, it will no longer be named Bishop Union High School as it became a Joint High School (I think). While I welcomed Mr. Jeff Pratt as the Senior Advisor and Government/Economics teacher, Acacia’s class will be his last class to graduate.

My Senior year is filled with memories, some good some bad, but for the most part I made sure to have fun that year. I had enough credits to graduate my junior year but needed to take Government/Economics. It was also the year that I finally started standing up for myself to the bullies that tormented me through out my childhood. With the help of everyone in my auto class, I rebuild the engine of my 1969 Thunderbird and it actually started. I watched someone punch a fellow senior, knocking him out before he hit the ground, and ultimately Greg was expelled for being in a fight even though he didn’t get a chance to take a swing. The guy who hit him though was an idiot because he hit Greg right outside of a classroom containing two on-duty Highway Patrol officers, who immediately arrested him.

I know that I’m not where I wanted to be after ten years out of school but for the most part I am content with how my life has turned out. Yes I will go into my reunion surrounded by people who are married and/or have kids and I still have yet to go on a date. I know that most of those people probably thought I would be a complete failure in life and part of me agrees that they were right but the other part of me knows that I’m probably happier than them. I lost touch with a lot of my high school friends that swore we’d be friends forever and I don’t know if my religion has anything to do with that but we’ll see. I will however be with a few friends that I have luckily stayed in contact with over the years. Since graduation we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to two fellow graduates, making three we’ve lost since our freshman year. One was hit and killed by a car about three years ago and we lost Matt “Raz” Rasmussen in January of this year of an accidental drug overdose. Chris Schumacher died of an asthma attack the night before the Homecoming dance our freshman year. They will live on in our high school memories and will be missed.

The most of the ceremony is a blur and feels like a very distant memory. I know I walked those steps, my arm wrapped around Mike’s, the same person I walked with in our kindergarten graduation, but I know it happened. I have pictures. I became the first of my class to receive my diploma and sang with a few of my fellow graduates as we said goodbye with “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLaughlin. I will see some of them on August 7th when we have our reunion, without Mr. Pratt since he’ll be in Santiago, Chile. I think the only thing left to say is: CLASS OF 2000 ROCKED!!!!! (Yes I know I’m a dork. What can I say? Some things never change.)

My brother Bryan and Me


Acacia and Me showing our muscles.

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2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: One Milestone Down… Many more to Come

  1. I skipped my 10 year reunion. Even though 10 years seems like a long time, honestly, we still hadn’t all completely grown up. Last year was my 20 year reunion (YIKES) and it was the point where we really were all adults. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to go because it was too expensive to travel to Las Vegas, but just before the reunion, a ton of us started getting in touch through Facebook and I learned how many of us turned into some pretty cool, amazing people. I feel closer to a lot of my classmates, some who I was never really close to in high school, now more than I did way back then. It’s interesting to see how our lives have been the same…and how they’ve been different. I bet you’ll see things a little differently when your 20 year rolls around.

    You rebuilt an engine??? I don’t think I could do that in a million years!

  2. High school seems like it was so so far away. I’ve become friends with a lot of kids I went to school with on Facebook, and it doesn’t seem like many of them have done anything outrageous, or really changed much. I don’t think I’ll be going to my 10 year reunion. I graduated in 2002.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the people that your graduating class have lost since then. Our class has only lost 1, that I know of, to suicide. I still think about him though, even though we weren’t friends? I don’t know, its just so sad.

    Um, and GOOD FOR YOU, for standing up for yourself come senior year. Bullies suck.

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