My Blogging Hope for 2011

Ever since I started my blog almost three years ago, I’ve wanted to blog more. One of the things that prevents me from doing so is the fact that I work 40 hours a week, I now have my Etsy shop up and running and I tend to volunteer for too many things (if there ever is such a thing). It doesn’t leave much time to sit down and write like I want.

Now that I am on antidepressants (I will write about that soon) I know I need to let my feelings and emotions out more. I tend to bottle everything up until I explode. I’ve always enjoyed writing and even started a novel, maybe I’ll finish it one of these days. On Thursday, December 23 Tia wrote me a beautiful message after receiving a package full of Christmas gifts for her and her family, whom I’ve never met, in which she told me that I know her so well because she puts her heart into her blog, but that she doesn’t really know all that much about me. That’s what my idea was when I first started this blog. Someplace to bear my soul to the world without having to witness people judge me.

I think the depression that took over my life over the last year has prevented me from wanting to blog. I figured no one really ever read it except a few friends and my mom. I want to get back into updating this blog more and letting people know more about me.

I have heard of the Project 365, which is a challenge to take one photo every day for one year. It’s a way to see your life and let others into it through photos. I started on December 23rd and plan to go until December 31, 2011, just over one year. I hope by doing this that it will give just a little insight as to what my life has been like and where it may be headed. I will try to post the pictures every Sunday. So you will get a week in photos, unless I’m out of town, like I will be next Sunday, but I will post as soon as I can.

My hope for this blog for 2011 really will be to let people know more about me. If there is anything that you guys want to know about me, please comment or email me at and I will try to answer as many questions as I can. Thank you to anyone who has read my entries, as depressing as they have been, over this last year and offer me advice or support. I really appreciate it.