Bryan’s Birthdaypalooza, Part 1

My brother turned 31 on January 4th like I had said in a very short post that day. I wrote it in advance and scheduled it to post on here given the fact that I was in Disneyland celebrating what Bryan had dubbed his Birthdaypalooza. I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love Disneyland. We celebrated his birthday last year at Disneyland as well but this time we brought two of our cousins, Acacia and Marisa, to join in the craziness and fun.

We left Bishop at just before five in the morning on Monday in the snow and it took almost twice as long to get to Aneheim due to the road conditions. It snowed all the way down to Lancaster which is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mojave covered in white. The Grapevine was shut down for the day due to accidents and the plows couldn’t keep up in the blizzard they were having so all of the traffic was re-routed through Mojave. I’m glad I was wasn’t heading north that day. Traffic didn’t move for quite a few miles.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle on a winter's night.

Monday in Disneyland was fairly cold for that part of Southern California. I didn’t take off my sweatshirt for the entire day. I realized not too long after that I had left my camera on and drained the battery. It was weird walking through the Happiest Place on Earth with family and NOT be able to take any pictures. I did manage to take a few with my phone but they’re not very good.

After riding a few rides, my dad and I had to leave to go check in to the motel. I’ve never had a motel room in my name. How sad is that? I’m almost 30. Anyway, we stayed at a Good Nite Inn about 10 minutes from Disneyland in Buena Park. It was decent but we weren’t there very much so it worked out just fine.

We got to take Acacia and Marisa to California Adventures for the first time too. It was fun. They went on Soarin’ Over California and Marisa freaked out just a bit, but she doesn’t like heights so it was expected. I love that ride.

We didn’t stay at the park until it closed but we were going to be there the next day. I was a little happy that they still had the Christmas decorations up and Acacia and Marisa got to see The Haunted Mansion decorated with Nightmare Before Christmas. My mom and I even got them hooked on trying to fine the Hidden Mickeys throughout both parks. It’s so much fun and adds to the adventure that Disneyland brings to your vacation.
Hidden Mickeys are little outlines of Mickey of objects on a ride placed in a certain way to make them look like Mickey. They could also be of other characters. I’ve been able to find a few but not without help from others.

I’m unfortunately getting tired. I want to write more, but I will on Saturday. Tomorrow will be time for a Flashback Friday. Hum?… What will I decide for the flashback?


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