A Birthday Makeover

One year for my birthday, my friend Cathy paid for me to have my hair cut. I was working at Baskin Robbins at the time and people didn’t know exactly how long my hair was because I wore it in a bun every single day. My hair has always been thick and my mom used to hate brushing it for me because it would knot up really bad (and I hating brushing my hair when I was a kid).


After a while of wearing thick hair that reached my waist started giving me a constant head aches and a pain in my neck, I knew it was time to say goodbye to the hair. I mainly grew it out because I didn’t have the money to get it professionally cut and I also wanted to be able to donate quite a bit of hair to Locks of Love. Cathy paid for a cut but anything color and whatever else I wanted done, I would have to pay for it. That was perfectly fine to me.

This was not the first time I had cut off a huge length of hair. I did that one time when I was in high school when it started bothering my head and neck. I don’t think most people realize how heavy hair can get. My mom has even done something like this a number of times before she just kept it very short.

I walked into the salon and looked through the books on the table to pick out something that I really liked and would be easy to maintain and would still be able to pull it back for work. I picked out a style I liked and the stylist asked if that was what I really wanted. Yes it was. Trust me. I had Cathy take the before picture with my camera and I sat in the girl’s chair. She tied my hair in a ponytail just below my shoulders and asked if I was ready. That got the attention of everyone in the salon. Yep I was more than ready. She took a deep breath and started cutting. People around me gasped and I breathed a sigh of relief as my head fell forward as the weight was finally taken off my head. I didn’t have her style it really but wanted to see how my hair would react to being short for the first time in over three years since I had cut it last.

After - from the back

Later on I measured my ponytail. Braided, it measured 22 inches so if it hadn’t been braided I’m pretty sure it was well over two feet of hair that I had cut off. My hair had always been kind of straight without a much of a natural curl. I had wavy hair but not curly. Ever since this day, my hair will really curl if the humidity is high and I just let my hair dry naturally. AS much as I wanted really curly hair as a kid, now that I have curl to my hair I tend to straighten it. Who knew?

Why did I choose this as a Flashback you might wonder? I decided before we rang in the new year that I would celebrate the beginning of this year with a makeover to myself. I have made myself over (somewhat) mentally and now it’s time for the physical transformation. My hair is not as long as I used to let it be but I do plan on growing it out again. I just need to make sure I get it thinned every now and then to avoid the heaviness of having thick hair. I will be changing the color though and I plan on going darker than most people would think I’d ever go. I promise it won’t be black. I’m going to make the best of 2011.



If you would like to know more about Flashback Fridays, please visit Christopher and Tia and join in the fun.



2 thoughts on “A Birthday Makeover

  1. Holy, crap. Courtney, that is some seriously LONG HAIR. Its so crazy, to think of how heavy that would be. I had thick hair as a child, but since having 3 kids, my hair has thinned out to be next to nothing. I envy your thick gorgeous hair.

  2. Have fun with your new look!! 🙂 I’ve had long hair and short hair – it’s fun either way but that is some SERIOUSLY long hair. Maybe you can find more of a layered style for when you grow it out again.

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