Walt Disney

I don’t think anyone who has read past posts could miss the fact that I love everything Disney. I hope one day to visit Epcot and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.


A few years back my grandma gave my brother and me a drawing each.  One of my relatives worked as an inker on Sleeping Beauty (my favorite Disney animated film) and used to tell stories about how Walt Disney would come in and sit with them, grab a piece of paper and start drawing. I guess Walt would leave them on the table when he was done.

One of my most prized possessions became a drawing of Bashful (one of the seven dwarves from Snow White, who happens to be my second favorite dwarf) drawn and signed by Walt Disney. For a while I didn’t let anyone know that I have it, but now I don’t mind. I’m just waiting for my mom’s boss’s arm to heal (she had surgery on her wrist) and I will have Adrienne make a shadow box that could hold the drawing, my gold Mickey ears from the 50th anniversary of the park and a shot glass that I bought at Disneyland that has a picture of Walt on one of the sides.

I wish I could have met Walt Disney but he died while I was still A distant hope when he passed away. I firmly believe his legacy lives on in everything that bares his name.


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