A Makeover for the New Year

I decided to devote a little more time for me this year, something that I have a really hard time doing. I’ve always thought of others before myself. So, in honor of starting a new year with a new attitude, I’m going to be making over myself. Start fresh. I’m focusing on what I want and what makes me happy this year.

First thing, I’m getting my hair done. Cut, color, everything. Nicki, my hair stylist, is excited for what she is going to do to me. It’s really hard to find a good hair stylist in a small town that understands the younger generation. You have to understand that Bishop is kind of a place to raise you kids and retire to. There’s not much for those in-between decades. Nicki and I are the same age, she has tattoos and the few times she has cut my hair (what? I can’t afford to get my hair professionally done) I have trusted her with all my heart. She has not failed me. We like the same things and always have something to talk about.

Me in June 2010

Last year, about a month before Comic Con, Nicki cut my hair similar to one of the styles that Stana Katic has worn her hair in Castle. I loved it. She layered it to where it still looked like I had a lot of hair but thinned it out to take the weight off.

I figured I would use this as my before picture tonight since I don’t feel like taking a picture of my self right now (that could change). Tomorrow I will be skipping on red that has been my go-to color for years. This year, because I really want a change, I’m choosing to go chocolate-brown. I’ve never been a brunette before so this will be interesting. I did ask Nicki to put in some red and highlights just to break up the brown, but I think my skin tone can handle it. I have been just about every natural hair color naturally in my life except brunette and black. I will never go black. It would make me look WAY too much like Snow White and I’m not going there.

Tomorrow begins a new me for a new year. Then Saturday I get marked for life with my first tattoo. I will show you guys, no worries.


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