One Down

There are a lot of things I would like to accomplish in my life – travel, get married, have kids and I have plans for ten tattoos. Today I got to mark one thing off my list, or at least part of one.

Crappy cell phone picture. My first tattoo.

Today I got my first tattoo. It actually didn’t hurt as bad as I thought and I managed to watch Tim scar me for life. I wanted to get my first tattoo when I was 18 but hesitated because I wasn’t sure of exactly what I wanted and I was a little scared. I’m glad that I waited. I made sure that the ten tattoos I have planned for my body are designs that mean something to me and I know in my soul that I can live with them for the rest of my life because I have to.

So would you like to know what the ten are? I’ll tell you.

1. The one that I got today will be expanded to cover the majority of my lower leg and onto the top of my foot. I will do this one in sections because I know the lower half is going to hurt like hell. It is for my Irish heritage.

2. A celtic cross with the Lord’s Prayer in Gaelic on the back of my left shoulder. It will probably cover about a third of my back. It is for my dad’s side of the family that is mostly Irish Catholic.

3. Tinkerbell on the back of my right shoulder. I know. I know. I love Tinkerbell and whenever I see her on something it reminds me that I should never grow up.

4. I drew out a design for my love of music that will be put on my lower back.

5. The Om symbol on the base of the back of my neck. It’s a design that I love and to remind me to respect all religions.

6. A Trifecta on my left wrist.

7. A blue hibiscus on my right wrist. It will have Shirley Florence Keaney McElvogue with her birth date with the date of her death. I miss my grandmother with all my heart.

8. A moon and a star behind my ear on my neck. That one will wait a while.

9. A hummingbird on my right ankle in honor of my other grandmother. I know that hummingbirds are her favorite.

10. My grandfather always drew these birds. The were a wide v like what a bird looks like soaring in the sky. He always put three drops below it as if the bird is pooping in the sky. It’s always been a joke in our family. This tattoo will probably go below the hummingbird.


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