A Lazy Day

So after having kind of a big day yesterday, I chose to do absolutely nothing today and it was wonderful. My new tattoo has been hurting more today but that is understandable. My mom described it perfectly. I fell like when I used to fall off my bike when I was a kid and spent the next few days not really doing anything because of road rash. That’s kind of a weird way to describe it but it works I guess.

This won’t be a long post and probably won’t mean anything to any of you, but I’ve spent the entire day sitting in my chair watching movies, most of which had Paul Walker. I can’t help it. He’s hot.

I know today is Sunday and I was supposed to post the next session of my Project 365 pictures but I’m sorry it will have to wait until tomorrow. I don’t have all of them organized and cropped the way I want them and I know at least one I don’t really like but oh well. It will still work with what has been going on in my life. Until tomorrow, but for now I’m off to take a shower.

I will however post a picture for you. One of my favorite places to visit in the Owens Valley, Convict Lake. I cannot wait for the snow to be gone so that I can get back up there. I took this picture back in 2006. I smile everytime I see it.

Convict Lake


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