Food in a New Light

Since starting Weight Watchers I am now looking at food in a new light. I am open to trying things that I never liked as a kid. I crave peas now and I don’t really care for them, but if they are in rice, I will gobble them up. My latest craving… sweet potatoes. I don’t know what got me to the “not liking them’ stage but I’ve been craving them lately. I don’t know what is in them that my body wants or needs.

When I went shopping on my first day on Weight Watchers I saw them sitting there and told myself, “Why not? If you don’t like them again, you don’t have to eat them.” I decided to pick out three large ones. They were on sale. Not knowing what to look for when picking out sweet potatoes, I just picked them like I would a potato.

Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken

So last night I knew I wanted lemon herb chicken. I have a couple more lemons that need to be used up. But was at a loss as to what to make for a side dish. I turned around and there they were. I figured now was a good time to see if I truly hate this vegetable. I washed them off, grabbed a bowl, knife, cutting board for poultry and my peeler. Off I went. I peeled all three and chopped them  up into about 1/2-inch pieces. In the bowl I mixed them with about three tablespoons of olive oil (my favorite oil ever), a sprinkle of salt, pepper, dried marjoram, dried thyme and dried basil. How much of eat you might ask? I don’t know.

You have to understand that I learned how to cook from watching my great-grandmother, grandparents and parents. No body in my family measures ingredients unless we absolutely have to and even then we tend to guess on a lot of things. I season to taste. I’ve learned over the years what looks like a teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, whatever. Everything gets measured in my kitchen ONLY when I am baking. That’s chemistry and cannot be flubbed.

Sweet Potatoes

Back to the sweet potatoes. I turned the oven on to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and dumped the diced sweet potatoes onto a cookie sheet that I rubbed about two tablespoons of olive oil onto. I baked them in the oven for 20 minutes and they smelled amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Sadly I don’t have any left over, but I am making more tomorrow for my coworkers. I hope they like them as much as I do. I know that if I make them like this I am more than willing to eat them, but I know that as time goes on, I will try them in others ways too.

I like trying new things in the kitchen and this is one step in the right direction. Now to think of something else that I don’t really like to try again. Eggplant? Squash?


One thought on “Food in a New Light

  1. Oh, those look and sound delicious! I may have to copy you. I love sweet potato (or kumera as we call them here). I like squash too, but I don’t think I can be sold on the eggplant yet.

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