Hanging Out at Ma & Pa’s

Today I had my half day at work because I’m working this Saturday. I decided that I would get at least part of a chore done. I am working on cleaning my apartment. I will admit that it is borderline hoarders but more on the laziness side. I hate cleaning, but I know that it needs to be done. It’s not really that I have way too much needless things but I just am too lazy to pick up after myself. When I decided to start this year fresh, I knew that it would help if I came home to a clean apartment, one where everything has a place and I would keep those things there.

My biggest challenge is my kitchen. Out of all the chores I have to do around my apartment, dishes are the worst. I hate doing them. With struggling to deal with depression, they piled up and got to the point where it was overwhelming. I asked my grandma if I could pack a lot of them up and use her dishwasher. She doesn’t live too far from me, but it’s still a workout to get everything in the car, drive out to her house, unload the car, load the dishwasher, wait over two hours for it to be done, unload the dishwasher, load the car, drive home, unload the car and put them away. However that workout doesn’t seem too terribly bad when you have a mess that is just too overwhelming where you don’t know where to start.

I love my grandparents’ house but I don’t seem to hang out with my grandparents too often like I should. Especially with the declining health of my grandpa. My grandparents’ house is really neat. My grandma, Ma as I call her, collects antiques and their front and back yards are covered in junk. I know they are antiques but let’s face it, it’s junk. But it can make an interesting backdrop for a random photo shoot. Their yards have a lot of things, an old washing machine in the front yard to the kitchen sink in the back. Really. I’m not kidding.

My grandpa, or Pa, was born and raised in Bishop. He and I graduated 50 years apart from the same high school. He will be 79 this year and has a form of dementia. Everywhere you look in their back yard you’ll see a different knickknacks or what-not lurking in the garden or on the fence. They even have a hidden Model T behind the fence, but it’s not in a condition that can be called good, or even fair.

Knowing that I would be at their house for quite some time today (it took all of my half day), I decided that I needed to update the photos for my items on Etsy. Their backyard was perfect. So I gathered up all my items, whether they had been posted or not, grabbed my camera, loaded the car with my dishes and off I went. I had fun looking around their yard for interesting ways to display my items. I will show you a preview of my latest item that will be posted this weekend.

I appreciate the fact that Ma let’s me do dishes at her house, even if it is a pain. Today I was getting them sorted my load and reality set in on how many dishes were dirty. I almost cried out of embarrassment to myself. I know that at times I don’t really like when my mom comes over because I’m embarrassed. Things will change this year. I am changing in the inside and on the outside. Now it’s time to focus on the space that is around me.


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