Jack’s Waffle Shop

The front of Jack's, photo taken from Yelp.com

Any local in Bishop knows about Jack’s Waffle Shop. It has been in its current location for about 1942 or 43 and started out as a hole in the wall diner. Over the years it expanded to what it is today. The food isn’t healthy and the staff will harass you, but the type of food that is served is what you would think of about diner food.

We have been going to dinner every Saturday (or Sunday) for the last three years. We know almost the whole staff and they know that they can harass us because we will harass them. We even joke that we are part of the training program because if they can handle us, they can handle anyone. Most of the time you won’t have to wait, but there have been nights where we’ve had to wait for quite a few minutes. Walking in, most of the time you can tell the difference between the locals and the tourists. The decor will take you back in time while also having signs with funny quotes on them. There are taxidermied fish from all over the place on the walls.

Jack's Waffles, photo taken from Yelp.com

Jack’s of course is known for their waffles, hence the name. Either before or after you decide what to have, you can read up on the history of Jack’s on the front of the menu. Day or night, breakfast is available. Most of the servers know that my dad always gets the Fish and Chips while I always get a Spinach and Tomato Omelet with a blueberry muffin in a paper bag to go for my dad. Lately I have been getting fruit as my side instead of hash browns or french fries given the fact that I am currently on a diet. As much as we harass the servers we will harass the customers brave enough to sit next to us. I think we pretty much have the menu memorized and know that the special on Saturday nights is the New York Steak for $10.99 instead of $17.99.

One thing that I like about going to Jack’s is that they know I have food allergies and am limited in what I can eat. Whenever I hear that a tourist doesn’t know where to eat, I send them to Jack’s. Jack’s will always be a part of Bishop and I hope it never changes. We really enjoy having our weekly family dinners there.

Some of the Decor, photo taken from Yelp.com

Just inside the door, photo taken from Yelp.com


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