Taking on Another Project

I’ve been thinking about starting a photo blog. Tia got me inspired to do something like that but I won’t be offering photo shoots. I can take really good candid photos of people but I’m not really good at posing people. Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time and I have some really good photos.

I love to shoot on slide film but I have gone digital. I need to figure out a way to get my slides scanned into my computer. I know there are special scanners out there but they seem with too hard to find or too expensive. I keep all of my slides protected and I haven’t really looked at them in a while. One of these days I will drag them out and look at them.

When I was 20, I took a photography class at our Community College. I loved that class and would love to take another one. It was because of this class that I fell in love with shooting with slide film. I began taking the class the January after 9/11 and really began to see what you can do with photography. I started to go everywhere with my camera. Half way through the class, my uncle and soon-to-be aunt asked if I would take the photos at their wedding. How could I have said no? They got married at the Point Montera Lighthouse in Montera, California, located just a few miles south of San Francisco. I was so excited and nervous.

The day of the wedding came and I crabbed my camera and bag that was filled with rolls of film (I chose regular film for this project) and started shooting. The wedding took place near the beach below the lighthouse. Family and friends gathered around the couple forming a circle. The wedding was lovely and I learned a lot about photography that day. It was hard to get the shots that I wanted or even needed without getting in the way of every one else. I tried to cover every aspect of the wedding and I think I achieved that but I was still new to the whole photography thing.

I believe that you get better at anything with practice and patience. In the future, maybe I can take another photography class and learn new things that I can do with my digital cameras. I will admit that my favorite place to capture the day in photos is Disneyland. For any one who reads this blog knows I love that place. I would live there if I could and I would even love to work there if it was a certain kind of job. Within the next few days, I plan on getting a photography blog up and running. I will let all of you know when that happens.


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