My Favorite Mural

I don’t remember what year exactly Bishop started to have murals painted on the sides of some buildings in town. The owners of those building of course had to help pay for them but it was a way to show off a bit of history. The first one unfortunately has been taken down and it was sad to see it go last year. The wall was crumbling and the building was being renovated. We now have about seven or eight in town. My favorite one is just down the street from me and you’ll be able to see why it is my favorite in town.

I have said before, my family first moved here in the late 1800’s. My great-grandfather was the superintendent¬†of the Champion Spark Plug Mine and was painted in a mural honoring a couple of the mines in the area. This mural is located across the street from where I work and I get to see this mural every day while I am working. When I am down, I just look out the window and get to see a grandpa that I never got know but have heard so many stories about. The mural always puts a smile on my face and I always whisper, “Hi Grandpa” whenever I walk by.

Yesterday after work, while the sun was turning the clouds beautiful colors in the sunset, I took this picture of Grandpa. This is only half of the mural but it shows just how good this mural was painted.


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