Out for a Drive

Today we were fairly busy at work and it was the first slightly busy Saturday in about six weeks. So today after work I decided to go out for a drive to give a little time to myself. I stopped by Starbucks for a coffee before I headed out. We’ve been having a couple of storms go through and we were supposed to get five to eight inches of snow last night. I’ve lived here long enough to know not to trust the weather report. It changes every five minutes. Trust me. With 14,000 foot mountains on one side and 14,000 foot mountains on the other side, you learn to not trust the weather reports. It wasn’t a surprise to me this morning when I woke up to a slight dusting of snow on the ground.

I have a weird day at work where my word-of-the-day seemed to be ouch. I decided to drop a box of quarters (do you know how much $500 in quarters weighs?) on my pinky, a cabinet door hit me in the head because I couldn’t stop it fast enough and I scrapped my thumb with my fingernail. All of this happened within ten minutes. I needed the coffee and drive.

I went where ever my mind felt like taking the car and decided to go down Mummy Lane. I know. Odd name for a street huh? There’s not much down the street but it is a popular lane to walk down for exercise. What it lacks on houses or buildings makes up for the views of the Sierras. The mountains still haven’t decided whether they want to share the clouds or not. As I was driving, I noticed this set up and pulled over.

I didn’t have my camera on my but I did have my iPhone. I love that thing. The picture turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Around here, you never know what is waiting for a picture to capture it.


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