So many people have been asking me lately what I look for in a guy. I think people are trying to set me up and I’m not entirely sure if I want that. I’m afraid to date a lot of the guys in this town because I’ve grown up with a lot of them. So here it is. What I find attractive in a guy.

1. Tall, dark and handsome really does sum it up for me. 

2. I don’t really care what nationality a guy is but I do tend to lean toward Irish. Maybe because I’m half Irish.

3. I think accents are sexy, especially Irish, Australian, British and Scottish.

4. Tattoos are very sexy.

5. I don’t really like long hair on guys. Shorter is better, but not always shaved.

6. I would love to have a guy that was fit and could keep me motivated to lose weight and get in shape.

That’s pretty much it or at least that I can think of right now. This is the only other thing that I can think of to maybe get an idea across to people as to what I like. Here are a few of the actors I have crushes on.

Sam Witwer (Syfy’s Being Human)

Paul Walker (Fast and Furious)

Zachary Levi (Chuck)

Niall Matter (Syfy’s Eureka)

Nathan Fillion (Castle)

Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii 5-0)

Take what you will from this post. I really don’t know if I ever want to be set up but obviously whatever I’m doing isn’t working. I just think that the type of guy that I like, they’re not interested in me.


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