Turning 26

Since my birthday is just around the corner, I thought I would share some of my presents from my birthday in 2008 when I turned 26. I was working at Baskin Robbins at the time and I still remember my grandpa walking through the door with a couple of roses in his hands.

About six months before my birthday my grandma, mom and I were looking at some of my grandma’s jewelery. I looked at one ring and told my grandma that I wanted the ring when I got married. It fit my left ring finger perfectly. When we were at dinner, I opened her gift and there was my ring. I was shocked that she had given it to me then.

I set all of my gifts and cards on top of my desk and they sat there for a few days. I have said before that I love the look of dried flowers and have a hard time throwing them away once they have dried up and died while still in their vases. These roses that Pa gave me are still in my apartment three years later. They were the last roses that he gave me for my birthday and I don’t have the heart to throw them away just yet. One day I will but I won’t know when that will be and I’m not in any hurry.


One thought on “Turning 26

  1. I have a hard time throwing out old dried up flowers too. Until they start making a mess of the place. And then out they go, haha.

    Happy Birthday, Miss Courtney.

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