Blogging With an iPhone

Since I was out of town for my birthday and forgot to write some posts beforehand, I was forced to blog using my iPhone. For the most part it was okay but it was more work than needed. I apologize for my errors in last night’s post. I was typing it in the car on our way home and it screwed up and I couldn’t see the whole post before I posted it and was unable to see a lot of the mistakes. You can still understand what I was attempting to say but I still don’t like that I posted it  with so many mistakes. I wasn’t sure what time we would get home and to make sure it got up that night, I posted it, mistakes and all. I thought about fixing them but decided not to.

I will try to post some pictures about my birthday trip, but I went around the park with only my phone to take pictures. My brother used my other camera for a little bit on Sunday but I kind of enjoyed not feeling obligated to capture every moment on (digital) film. I did take a few pictures with my phone and I just wanted to go through Disneyland to really enjoy it. Even with taking hundreds of pictures, like I have done in the past, I have still have fun. I’m tired and want to catch up on last night’s Castle before bed.


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