I grew up in an area that is prone to earthquakes. They don’t scare me like they do for other people. Here in Bishop, an earthquake usually have to be up there on the Richter Scale in order for us to feel them. There is a fault line that runs just west of town so it’s not a big deal to hear about us having an earthquake.

Back in about 1987, we had a big earthquake even for this area. I know I wasn’t that old and my mom said that my brother (who is two years older than me) was in either kindergarten or the first grade. That morning, my dad was a t work, Mommy and Bryan were still in bed and I was sitting on the couch doing something. Knowing me I was probably cutting up random pieces of paper into confetti (don’t ask). I remember hearing a rumble and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. The next thing I knew, the entire house started to shake and the noise was deafening. My mom ran down the hall, grabbed Bryan out of bed, grabbed me and made us run into the yard. Bryan told me to look at the six-foot fence that divided the side and back yard and the entire thing was swaying back and forth but we couldn’t feel much of anything. My dad drove home in the shop truck to check on us. I just remember seeing all of my neighbors gathering in the street asking if everyone was alright.

When my dad decided to check the house to make sure everything was okay, my mom, brother and I followed. Once we were inside the kitchen, an aftershock hit and the door to the fridge swung open sending the orange juice straight in my dad’s direction. I know I cried because I didn’t know what was going on. That quake only did a little damage to the buildings in town even though it was a 7.-something. People think we are crazy when we say that we can hear an earthquake coming, but it’s true.

Why this flashback you might ask? Today at work, we heard a loud bang and the glass of a partition swayed just a bit. We thought someone ran into the building again. Ruth went out and checked and nobody was out there. So she went to ask the business across the parking lot and they said the same thing. All we could think of was it had to be an earthquake. But this quake was different from all the earthquakes I have felt in my 29 years of existence. We never heard it coming and it sounded like an explosion when normally we mainly hear rumbling. Another hit around six o’clock this evening. It was the same thing. Never heard it coming and it sounded like three or four consecutive bombs. The epicenter for it was about four miles outside town (around Laws Railroad Museum) and nine miles deep. The report my mom and I looked up said that it was a 3.8. Normally we don’t feel those and never as powerful as these were.

Earthquakes don’t typically scare me, but the two we had today made me nervous and I don’t know why.


One thought on “Earthquakes

  1. The Chalfant Quake that you were talking about was about a 6.3 or so. It did most of it’s damage out there and very little here in town. These little quakes that we had today were a little different than we have had before but that could be because they were so deep. We’ll see what the next few days bring. Rock and Roll!!

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