Once Upon a Mattress

My mom and I have been going to Playhouse 395’s productions for exactly four years ago with Annie. The plays get better with each production and it amazes me how well they accomplish it. I have been helping in a few different areas of the productions for the last two years. My aunt and uncle got involved when my cousin Marisa got a part in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Debbie asked if I would be available to sell souvenirs during a couple of the performances. I did and had an amazing time. Just sitting out in the hall and hearing the music resonate the space from behind closed doors was beyond incredible. The talent of the people in this area is unbelievable and I’m not talking about just the actors.

While being able to watch these performances and being sucked into the world that is created before you, I had no idea how many people it takes to put on a play until I volunteered. I posted about a lot of this in my post during Beauty and the Beast, Jr. when I had my first experience with stage crew back in November.

From the actors to the stage crew, from lighting to costumes, the magic that can be created tops the limits of one’s imagination. It truly is an amazing experience to be a part of it. Everyone has a part and does it well. Sure we may have a few bumps and bruises during performances, but we do what we can to entertain our audience. If we forget a prop, or a prop breaks in the middle of the scene, you just have to go with it like it was planned. Typically mistakes on stage get the biggest laugh, from both the audience and back stage. As they always say, the show must go on.

No matter what someone’s part may be, people work for months to get everything just right, and sometimes that means getting props and stage decorations done five minutes before the red curtain opens.

Tonight was the invited dress rehearsal for Once Upon a Mattress and it was great. We had a few screw ups but nothing major and the audience still laughed and enjoyed the show. This is my second time with stage crew and I enjoy it. Donny, the Stage Manager, even let me fire the confetti cannons tonight. I was so excited. Granted we have to clean it up, but still it helps to add to the finally of the show. This play has had some very rough hits since production began in January. The hardest hit was having to lose our lighting/sound director due to medical reasons a few days ago. He is doing great from what I’ve heard and we all wish him a great recovery and cannot wait to have him backstage again.

I am grateful to Playhouse 395 for the opportunity they have given me over the last few years to help wherever I may be needed. Once you get involved, you truly do become a part of a family and I cannot wait for the next shows. I hope that any of you who read this will be willing to see a show or even get involved somehow. Playhouse is always looking for volunteers. If you are not in the Owens Valley, find a community theatre near you and get involved. It’s a lot of fun and a very unique experience.


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