A Few Pet Peeves

There are quite a few people who think I don’t have a lot of  pet peeves. Everyone has them. I thought I would share a few with all of you since I’m a little irritable lately.

1. People who don’t stop for pedestrians in cross walks. I walk to work every day and that’s mainly because I live a block away so there’s no point in driving (and I don’t have a car right now). I don’t know how many times I have gotten to the corner, knowing the cars can see me, I mean they look right at me, and don’t stop. What happened to pedestrians have the right away? Or even common courteousy? I do my best to stop for people in cross walks. I even flipped off a trucker because he almost hit me in a cross walk and he was laughing about it.

2. People who stop at imaginary stop signs. Do you have any of these? The one intersection that I cross on my way to work is one that people always stop thinking that it’s a four-way stop. It isn’t for Christ’s sake. I watched a cop almost get hit once because a guy went in front of him and the cop did nothing! WTF?!?!?

3. Cops who think they are better than the law. I won’t name any that I think are like this, but it pisses me off.

4. Snitches. People who are allowed to break the law in order to have someone else arrested. I hate that the cops look the other way when it comes to a snitch. I know one here in town and it isn’t hard to miss it since they brag about it. I’m sorry but if you break the law, you should go to jail.

5. Celebrities who don’t get punished equally like the rest of us. What, honestly, makes them better than the rest of us? Aside from being on TV, or the big screen, they are normal people like the rest of us. If I was to get busted for drunk driving, I’d go to jail, but celebrities seem to just get slapped on the wrist and told not to do it again. Really? I don’t care that they get paid an outrageous amount of money for being on TV or whatever, but that doesn’t make them better than me.

6. People who think they can’t pass a cop on the road. Really? Unless they have their lights and/or siren going, they are a normal car on the road and have to obey EVERY driving law that you and I have to. This kind of goes with #3. I’m sorry but if a cop is going below the speed limit, PASS THEM!! I’ve heard from a few cops that they do this intentionally so they can pull people over for impeding traffic.

Sorry, but I’m now on a roll.

7. People who dress inappropriately.  You know who I’m talking about. Admit it. That one lady who IS NOT a size six but thinks that she is. If you have a gut, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear a shirt that is too short. This goes for men and women alike. None of us want to see that.

8. Kids who don’t have manners and the parents that don’t care. I grew up being told over and over that you need to be polite or I’d get hit. I still have people look at me like I’m an idiot for holding the door open for them, especially the elderly. Parents don’t teach their kids to be polite anymore. They don’t seem to care then they seem to wonder why their kids are lazy and stupid. I even see adults forgetting manners. I HATE RUDE PEOPLE!!

9. For the love of God, chew with your mouth shut. I always hate when I have a head cold and can’t breathe out my nose so I have to chew with my mouth slightly open. I usually take a napkin and hold it over my mouth. The worst for me is someone who is chewing gum and they just have their mouth open the while time, chewing like a cow crews its cud. It’s just gross.

10. People who chew me out because their account is overdrawn. This comes with working at a bank, but seriously people need to learn how to balance a checkbook. It’s not hard. Kids also need to learn. It’s a lesson of life that is not being taught to the younger generations. Everything is electronic now. I use a program on the computer to balance my checkbook, but I can balance it one paper if I need to. The younger generation doesn’t even know how to make simple change anymore. I know I’m only 29, but I had a boss that insisted that I learn how to and because of him, I caught a guy who tried to short-change me. Nope. I know what to give back to you. Whenever I had to train new people, I would walk up behind them and hit the screen so they couldn’t see how much change they needed to give back the customer. Just like I did, they learned how to make change the hard way.

I think I will leave this list at ten. I have a lot more. Trust me, but I do feel a little better. Ranting is good for the soul in my opinion.


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