Fire and Roses

I was going to write about this last night but as hard as I tried to write a post, I got so busy and I couldn’t get connected to the internet that I wasn’t able to post. I was EXTREMELY busy last night. Last night seemed like it was about nothing but fire and roses… and a play.

Living in a small town means that we have a volunteer fire department, so we have a whistle that blows every time there is a fire or car wreck or anything that needs the assistance of the fire department. One whistle means it’s noon. Two, depending on the length of the whistle, means any other sort of emergency. Three whistles that last for quite a while means we are in the middle of a disaster. I’ve only heard that one once in my life of living here and it was raining so hard that the town was flooding.

Yesterday around four o’clock in the afternoon, the fire whistle went off. We didn’t think anything of it until someone (I was in the bathroom so I didn’t see who) came in and told two of my coworkers to get home because Big Pine was on fire and everyone on the west side of town was being evacuated. I think you all can guess that they left immediately and we could see the smoke from our side window. Big Pine is about 30 miles south of Bishop and if we can see smoke from a fire, you know it’s bad. I ended up working both the morning and the late shift due to this fire. There are still so many rumors going around that we still don’t know what it true and what is not.

Today we found out that 19 homes are confirmed damaged or destroyed. One member of my grandpa’s family lost everything. The fire burned through his house so hot that nothing but two chimneys are left. It’s very sad and we are still having high winds due to a big storm that is moving in. The town is not out of the woods yet and while so much damage has been done, there was only one minor injury that was reported. No one was killed which is incredible for a fire that has consumed more than 1200 acres.

At the play last night, we were all there physically and mentally but our hearts were with everyone in Big Pine. We still made sure to put on a wonderful performance and if anything, we helped to get people’s minds off the fire for a few hours. After the play, I had to get flowers to make fifteen table centerpieces for the California Waterfowl Association Banquet. My cousin Marisa and I decided on roses and grabbed quite a few flowers and invaded our grandparents’ house for a few hours. We got half way down and ran out of flowers. By that time, it was after midnight and I had to be at work in less than eight hours. I managed to finish the cake and centerpieces before the banquet started with the help of my boss and coworker and my grandma who baked the cakes for me.

So I will end this post with a few pictures of my roses and cake. I really need to sleep because I have a sore throat and feel like crap. I don’t know if it is from the wind kicking up God knows what in the air or if I have the on-set to a cold.


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