A Day in Bed… Mostly

Yesterday was my busiest day so far this month and hopefully my last. To make everything worse, yesterday I woke up with the oncoming of a cold. I cannot afford to get sick with all of the things I am doing this month. I am happy that the majority of the things are now done.

My grandma woke me up at just before two in the afternoon and I fell back asleep for another 45 minutes. I can’t remember the last time I slept in that much. I had planned on spending the majority in bed today anyway but I didn’t think I would sleep that much. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days now but this morning it felt like I swallowed a cactus. Thankfully the coughing has been very low. My throat appreciates it. It’s just kind of weird that eight hours ago I was still sleeping and here I am, writing this in bed waiting until I can sleep some more.

Once I finally pried myself from the comfort and warmth of my bed, I spent the rest of the day channel surfing and watching the season two finally of True Blood. I don’t have HBO so I have to rely on Netflix for my vampire fix. Now I just have to wait for season three and I’ll be completely caught up. I do know a little about what happens in season three after watching True Blood’s panel at Comic Con last year. I was a little bummed that Alexander Skarsguard couldn’t make it, but at least Sam Trammel was there. They are the two guys that cause me to keep watching the show. So hot. Anyway.

I’m hoping that this cold doesn’t get too bad since I cannot miss work for the next three days. I really don’t like calling in sick anyway. I usually force myself to go to work and wait until they send me home. That’s just how I am but if I do ask to go home or call in sick, they really know I don’t feel good.

Well I can feel the effects of the NyQuil setting in and think it’s about time for bed.


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