Imperial Beach

In 2009 I went to my first Comic Con and was able to stay, free of charge, at my friend Robert’s house in Imperial Beach. His roommates didn’t mind and all of them were being deployed on a ship shortly into my stay. I had never been in San Diego or the surrounding area. I had a blast being able to be a tourist a couple days before Comic Con began. I got to drive around and just get lost in the city. My favorite place was Imperial Beach itself. Robert got to show me around a bit and he took me on the North Island Naval Base in Coronado.

I had never seen a Navy ship except from a distance and I knew they were huge but oh my God. I never thought they would be THAT big. I now understand why Robert said that it is literally a floating city. Robert took me into the commissary and I got my Navy sweatshirt that I wear quite a bit. I even pissed of a girl and made a Marine laugh at Comic Con because of that sweatshirt.

One of the days just before Comic Con, I took Robert’s advise and went to Katy’s Cafe. Best iced tea I’ve ever had in my life. It’s located right on the beach and the inside reminded me of a combination of the Looney Bean coffee-house and Raymond’s Deli here in Bishop. Then I wondered the beach and walked down the pier and just took in all the sights that Imperial Beach has to offer. I love the quirkiness of the shops on the beach.

The day before preview night of Comic Con, I headed over the Coronado bridge and into downtown San Diego to see just how big the Convention Center is. As I headed back over the bridge and back to Imperial Beach, my car started acting us. As I pulled onto Imperial Beach boulevard, my car really started acting weird. I did the stupidest thing I could have thought of and pulled over and shut my car off. I should have know better and waited until I got to Robert’s because I’m pretty sure that it would have made it. I turned the key and it wouldn’t start. I got my car to the Ford dealership and I told the mechanic that my alternator died. He didn’t believe me, but he gave me a second look when I explained to him that I took two years of auto shop in high school. I knew what was wrong with my car. I still got screwed over.

Despite my car troubles, I really enjoyed Imperial Beach and San Diego. If you are ever there, visit Katy’s Cafe and Marisa’s, it’s a mexican restaurant that has the best mexican food I have ever tasted. Last year I got to take my mom and brother to Katy’s. I got to take a few great photos while there. I loved every minute that I was there.

The pier.

Some surfers having fun in the water.

One of many murals.

A couple doves resting.


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