Getting Ripped Off

There is a reason that I don’t trust the doctors around here. Today was a good example. I have been feeling like crap for almost two weeks now and finally got to see the doctor today. I don’t have a normal doctor but instead I see one of a few at the Health Clinic. Now it’s not the doctors personally that I don’t trust but just the fact that I’ve been screwed over by them quite a few times in my life. I blame the pharmaceutical companies more than the doctors.

I have a large deductible on my health insurance and have not met it so I have to pay for everything out-of-pocket. Most of the time I pay no more than $20 for my medications. I was told today that I just have a chest cold that is going around but my lungs sounded clear so I don’t have bronchitis or pneumonia. That was a relief to hear. I do have asthma and because my inhaler didn’t seem to be cutting it, my doctor put me on a new inhaler. Please don’t ask me what it is. I can’t pronounce it. This one has the albuterol, which helps with the asthma, and something else that helps when you have a cold and chest congestion. She also put me on a low-dose steroid if I don’t improve a lot by Saturday.

I go to pick up the new meds from my pharmacy and I had my Health Savings Account debit card ready in my hand. “That will be $167.93” the girl at the counter informed me. WHAT? I had the debit card half way to the machine when she told me that. I had to put it away because I didn’t have enough in the account, even though I got paid today, to cover it. I damn near choked. I had to put it on a credit card to pay for it. A credit card that I am trying very hard to pay off.

What could have been so expensive? I kind of shook my head as I headed out of the pharmacy. I looked through the bag. I figured it had to be the steroids. No. They only cost $3. It was the fucking inhaler. Seriously? My other inhaler costs a fraction of that. The other medication other than the albuterol costs that much? This is why I hate to see doctors and would rather let my body do what it is going to do. I tried with this cold but just got worse and I needed to see the doctor.

All I can say is that if this new inhaler doesn’t work, I’m going to be pissed.


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