My First Concert

My friend Cathy got me into INXS because she’s in love with JD Fortune, the lead singer that won the INXS TV show/contest thing. When she got the opportunity to get REALLY good seats for one of their concerts in Tucson, AZ in 2007, she jumped at the chance and bought two tickets. I have family in both Phoenix and Tucson so I knew we would have free places to stay a night or two. It said third row on our tickets but it turned out to be second row. We were on the far right side of the stage but we didn’t care. We were in the second row. I had never been to a big concert like this. I had been to smaller, Christian concerts before, but not to see a band that everyone has heard of.

I drove the whole way, even though Cathy and I were supposed to share the driving responsibilities, but I like to drive so I never gave up the wheel. We stayed the night before the concert at my aunt and uncle’s house in Phoenix and got to do some shopping. I introduced Cathy to P.F. Chang’s. Such good food. Pricey but good. We did some shopping the next day before heading down to Tucson to drop off our stuff at my cousin’s house. Turned out my aunt was visiting as well so it ended up being a very crowed house. We asked Genaphur and David where the venue was and David (or Mitch as we call him in our family) looked it up. It was time for us to leave so we could get there early. Yeah. The place that he gave us directions to was located just south of Tucson. Of course I had to miss the only turn off and I figured there had to be an overpass or somewhere where we could turn around.

It was passed 7:30 at night and the concert started at 8:00 and I was driving on a freeway I had never been on before. I started to get worried the further we drove and the signs started saying “Nogales, X mi” to “Nogales, X Km”. Well crap. I’m pretty sure we were about 30 yards from the Mexico border and neither one of us has passports. Finally there was an overpass and I turned around. We finally pulled into the casino but there wasn’t anything stating that INXS was performing there. I called David and he realized that he gave us directions to the wrong place. Oops.

We headed off back to Tucson and after a few more wrong turns (and using all of the gas left in my tank) we finally made it to the correct place. It was about 8:30 I think when we finally got in and it turned out that we only missed the opening act. We found our seats and got to chat with the fans around us. The concert was incredible and it was amazing being the close to them. A few of them even waited until I got my picture before they moved on. It was the best for my first concert.


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