Tonight’s post is going to be fairly short. I love to cook. I always have and having so many food allergies forces me to cook most of what I eat from scratch. Today I decided to go through my recipe box and add or update my recipes. I collect them. I don’t have much printed out to put in my box but I have a lot of my computer. I’m working on printing them out (I have my own format that I like) and placing them in the box. When I want a certain recipe, right now I have to search for it. It takes me a while to type them up how I want but I’m working on it when I get in the recipe mood. Here’s my recipe box and some of the recipes that I printed out today.

Isn’t it cute? I love it. The box is very plain and was made by a family member of mine back in about the 1940’s I think. My grandma had it for the longest time and gave it to me because I was gathering so many recipes and needed a box to put them in. The hinges are slightly screwed up so the box doesn’t close all the way but I like that about it. It gives it character. It’s a little beat up on the outside which just proves that it has been well-loved over the years. I think it fits me.


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