Body’s Catching Up

It took me just shy of a month to get over a cold that I had. I had a lot going on so I wasn’t able to sleep it off like I probably should have and so many people around here got it. Through out the whole cold, the coughing was the worst. I was put on a few different medications (you remember my post about the $160 inhaler right?) and this cold hit really hard too because of my asthma. Turns out that amongst everything, I was battling seasonal allergies too. Aren’t I lucky?

My mom asked the pharmacist if there was an allergy medication that I could take that wouldn’t interfere with a MAOI (my anti-depressant medication) so he told me to try Allegra. After a few days my coughing was almost non-existent. I have been taking the Allegra for a week and I still have a cough but it’s nothing. Finally. I feel like I’ve been so sick for a lot longer that my body doesn’t know how to not be sick.

Yesterday I was at a quilt class and started getting really tired so I left for a few hours to rest. I noticed a pain in my upper back but didn’t think anything of it because I figured that I just moved wrong. The pain gradually got worse throughout the day until it covered the majority of my back and down my shoulders a little. My mom thinks it’s just my muscles reacting to coughing for so long that all of my muscles are probably slightly pulled. I’ve never felt like this before. The only way to describe the pain is that I feel like a couple of days after a really bad sunburn, where your muscles don’t want anything to touch them and you’re just sore. I really do feel like I have a sunburn, but I haven’t been outside in the sun due to the very odd weather we’ve been having.

I woke up this morning and the pain has gone down the sides of my ribcage and across my chest. I don’t want to be touched and it hurts just to have clothing touch my skin. This really is the weirdest feeling ever. Rubbing my arms feels like I’m taking sandpaper to them and since it is just my upper body that seems to be affected, I’m with my mom. My body is finally catching up with all of the coughing that I have done.


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