The Best Gift

I was unsure of the show Haven when it first appeared on SyFy last year. I’m not a fan of Steven King so I didn’t know the story of the Colorado Kid that the show is loosely based on. Out of all the actors on the show, Eric Balfour was the only one that I had seen any of his work. Needless to say I fell in love with the show and cannot wait for the next season to start. Most shows now-a-days don’t do a season finale cliffhanger like they did. It left you, literally, thinking WTF?!

Twitter is an addiction of mine. I’m always checking it, even if I may not type anything. With work being so slow lately, I’ve been able to kind of check in on Twitter when I’m away from my station. Today I read all of these tweets of people asking Eric to DJ in the various cities that they live in around the world. He had posted a video of him DJ-ing somewhere a few weeks ago (I think it was in Nova Scotia where they film Haven). I sent him a tweet saying, “I would love to have you DJ somewhere here but I live in the middle of nowhere.”

Whenever I send a tweet to an actor, I don’t expect a response, however it is nice when they do. I went about my business after I sent that and went to check a few minutes later. I opened it up on my phone and saw that I had a new mention. Okay, I had sent another tweet to Tia, but I really smiled when I saw Eric’s name pop up. His reply to me was, “I’ll make a special nowhere mix 4 you then!” “Deal” was my response. I’m just playing around with him.

I got Starbucks today at lunch and my drink was made wrong. Again. (More about that later) So when I got back to work to finish off my lunch hour, I sat in the break room and checked in on Twitter. Much to my surprise Eric had replied once again. “For everyone who can’t come hear me spin live, especially @caitlyanna MIDDLE OF NOWHERE MIX

I cannot begin to tell you how big my smile got and I have been smiling ever since. Caitlyanna is my name anywhere I am on the internet. There are quite a few people who think that is my real name. It’s not, obviously, but I answer to it. Getting the chance to meet an actor that you watch week after week on the TV is one thing. Getting to chat with them, even for just a few sentences is another. Getting them to make you a music mix is beyond words.

You always hear actors say that they have some of the best fans in the world. We do a lot for them, but when they go out of their way to do something for the fans proves that they really appreciate all of us. My day today has been kind of a rough one. I have been battling a stomach thing for about a week now and having my drink screwed up again just made it worse. But listening to this music (which is my kind of music) and knowing that someone took the time and effort (no matter who they are) was the best gift I could ever received.

Thank you Eric for cheering me up today. One of these days I hope we meet and I cannot wait for Haven to start back up.


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