More Yoga

Today I got three new DVDs in the mail. All have to do with yoga because I want to really start doing it. I haven’t been keeping up with it like I wanted toward the beginning of the year. Because I’ve been playing around with food and trying new recipes to give my body something different, I gained about five pounds in a week. It’s not that I’ve lost portion control, my body is adjusting to the new foods. So now I’m going to do everything in my power to keep losing and getting fit this year.

I have written here before that The Biggest Loser saved my life. I never would have thought I could lose weight and get healthy if it wasn’t for that show. Now that I have my depression under control, I can focus on finding myself this year. I am not heavy enough to join the show and all of my food allergies wouldn’t allow me to follow their diet exactly as planned. I first joined The Biggest Loser Club in January 2008 and lost half of what I needed to lose but I then gained over half of that back.

I am pretty sure that I weighed around or over 300 pounds before a doctor finally set me straight and told me that I had to lose weight. I already am at risk of diabetes and that is something that I don’t want to deal with. I watched my great-grandmother live with diabetes and I swore to myself as a child that I would not get it. Food is weakness of mine. I find comfort in food. I played seven years of soccer when I was a kid and now I can’t run even for a little bit. One goal that I have set for myself is to run a mile, even if it takes me fifteen minutes, I just want to be able to jog non-stop for one mile. I know that if I just get my weight under control, my knees and back will start to feel better.

So tonight I tried out The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD. Man did it kick my ass!! It combines yoga and Pilates which doesn’t seem like there is too much of a difference between the two except for movement. Yoga holds the poses while Pilates you move around while in the positions, I think. I managed to do 45 minutes of the DVD, but wasn’t able to do all of the poses and when my body wouldn’t allow me, I went into the cradle position. I have always had good balance but I lost it a few times in a couple of the poses.

I’ve always liked that Bob Harper has the contestants on The Biggest Loser do yoga sometimes. People don’t think you can lose weight while doing yoga. If you’re not sweating by the end of it, you’re doing something wrong. Even I know that. One thing that I have to figure out is how to do some of the poses when my carpel tunnel in my left wrist starts to bother me.

I got three different yoga DVDs today. I know I’ll end up mixing them up to get a good workout. I just need to kick myself and start doing them, even if I hurt because I can take it easy and still get in a good workout. For once in a long time, I feel really good about myself and the direction that I am heading in.


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