I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight but decided to tell you guys about my various Starbucks experiences. I have told all of you before that I am addicted to coffee and while I tried to do a coffee detox not too long ago, I can tell you that it didn’t last very long. A few days to be exact.

One of my problems is that I used to work for Starbucks. I got the job three months after being laid off when the Baskin Robbins that I worked at closed. I worked there for five months and I would gladly work for them once again, but not here in Bishop. Being addicted to coffee before working in a coffee shop like Starbucks didn’t help my addiction. So why did I leave, you may ask? Well for one, I got my job at the bank and was trying to work two jobs to help pay down my credit card debt. Two, and the main reason, I didn’t get along with someone who I worked with. I will not name names.

Since I left, my experiences have varied. Shortly after my departure, things were fine, almost like I had never left the company. As time moved on, things changed. The former co-worker that I didn’t get along with, hardly even speaks to me unless they have to. When it comes to my drinks, I try not to go through the drive through unless I am in a hurry and don’t feel like getting out of my car. I do this because I have had so many drinks messed up, that I stand there and watch the baristas make my drink to make sure that it is made properly.

When I am paying five dollars, if not more, for a cup of coffee, you would think that the drinks would be consistent. Not mine and maybe that is coincidence, I don’t know. I’m not the only former employee that feels this way. I have nothing against Starbucks. I still get coffee from there and I love it. It’s just something about this one store and that one employee that I have a problem with. I will give Starbucks the credit that they treat their customers exceptionally well. If they have really screwed up a drink, they will give you a coupon for a free drink in the future and have no problem wasting product to make the drink until they get it right. Paying that much for a cup of coffee deserves to be enjoyed and if that means that they have to lose a little money to please a customer, they will.

Despite my feelings toward this one employee and this store, I will continue to shop at Starbucks. It just gets frustrating having to watch your drink get made. I shouldn’t have to worry about how it was made and if the barista follows the recipes. I truly do miss working there, but I think I enjoy being a customer a lot more.


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