One of my grandma’s friends was an amazing artist and it is a shame that she died so young. Lillian Coons asked me one time if I would be willing to model for a class that she was having for a group of painters. I was twelve at the time and Lillian gave me some money for my time. I had to sit in one position for quite some time and it too the majority of the day for me to model for them. Being the center of attention for me is not something that I like, so to sit for hours and have a group of strangers stare at you as they draw you was a weird, but enjoyable, experience.
One of the artist painted me in watercolor and decided to give my mom the painting. My mom doesn’t remember her first name, but her last name is Novak. I really do like the painting and it is hung up on the wall in my parents’ house. If I had the opportunity again, I’m not sure that I would take it. As much as I didn’t mind posing for them, it is very tiresome to not be able to move.

My grandma has quite a few painting by Lillian and she gave my mom and uncle a few. Lillian had a way of capturing people in a painting. Hard as I may try, I cannot draw people. I thought I would share one of Lillian’s paintings that my mom has with all of you.

By Lillian Coons


One thought on “Modeling

  1. The artist’s name is Shirley Novak and she is now a professional artist. She paints flowers, landscapes and such. A very talented lady. So glad I have that picture. She was going to just throw it out!

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