Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone… or as my brother calls it Zombie Jesus Day (I don’t mean any disrespect). I spent the last few days at my grandparents’ house prepping and cooking for our dinner tonight. I was supposed to cook the turkey but my grandma ended up making it. We over-cooked it but it still tasted good. We had so much food, like we always do.

All of the kids in our family are grown up so we didn’t have baskets or an Easter egg hunt. We just all got together for good food and the company. I have never understood why we have a bunny and eggs to represent the day that Jesus was resurrected. I’ll have to ask my brother to ask Father Gracie, the priest at the Catholic Church.

Anyway, tonight I made my Cranberry Pecan Quinoa Pilaf (it called for walnuts but my cousin and aunt are allergic), Mushroom Sweet Potato Casserole and a Banana Cream Pie with a brownie crust. It was all good and my mom even tried the casserole even though she hates sweet potatoes. I wanted her to try it and she didn’t like it which was okay for me. The pie was AMAZING!! I had never been able to get those instant puddings to firm up and this weekend I found out why. You are not supposed to use soy milk and it says so right on the package, but it does say that you can use a lactose-free milk. I decided to try almond milk since it is higher in fat than soy milk and rice milk. My grandma and I over-cooked the brownie last night and today I crumbled it into the bottom of the pie tin and dried it out just a little more in the oven. The pudding that I got was a cook and serve, but it thickened beautifully with the almond milk. My brother made two pies as well and I piped the whipped cream onto both of them.

I was amazed at how well the pudding mixture held up. We did put it in the freezer to firm up and forgot to take it out so I ate it slightly frozen. It still tasted really good and it even held its shape sitting on the counter better than my brother’s two pie which were made with whole milk. All of the pies were good and everybody loved them.

I am extremely tired at the moment and am having a hard time focusing on the computer screen and I’ve had a headache for the last few hours. So I think I will head off to bed. I hope everyone had a good Easter.


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