New Etsy Items

I had been meaning to list a few more items on Etsy for a while and tonight I finally did it. Shortly into the listing process I had a slight panic attack. I keep all of my finished products in a bin and when I went to pull the one bag that I had to post, it wasn’t there. I was only looking for that one bag so I didn’t realize that quite a few other items were missing as well. I calmed myself down just a bit because I knew it had to be in my apartment somewhere. After a few minutes of looking and waiting for my phone to update so I could call my grandma (I took some pictures at her house a while ago), I saw a small part of the main fabric sitting in a bin covered with stuff on my couch. I pulled it out and completely forgot that I had taken some items last month to show my quilt guild. I let out a sigh of relief and continued to list my items.

Skulls and Pink Ruffle Bucket Bag

Four items found their way onto my shop and within minutes I had a lot of views thanks to posting it on Facebook and Twitter. In the four months that I have been on Etsy, I have only sold one item and it went to my co-worker today. I know that it takes a while to get established and start selling things. Having a shop on Etsy is literally a business and I make things that most people make. Three of the four items listed tonight were pincushions that my mom had made.

Crochet Doiley Pincushion

Before I knew it, one of my brother’s friend’s fiancée was interested in the bag I listed tonight (see the first picture) and another friend placed a custom order with me. Both happened on Facebook within half an hour. I couldn’t believe it. Tomorrow I only work half a day so I’ll have plenty of time to sew and take pictures. Tonight I managed to get one bag almost done but all I have to do it top stitch the bag and it will be ready to list.

My Etsy Shop is called A Crafty Witch.


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