Eagle Scout

I grew up around the Boy Scouts and was so proud of my brother when he achieved the honor of becoming an Eagle Scout in 1995. My dad was the scout master of Troop 88 and my mom was one of the Assistant Boy Scout Masters. Tonight we got to go to another Eagle Scout Court of Honor. My brother got to stand up when the Master of Ceremonies asked if there were any other Eagle Scouts in the audience and he got to reaffirm his Eagle Scout pledge. We all kind of chuckled when it got to one point of saying “my troop” because Bryan hasn’t really been affiliated with the Boy Scouts since he became an Eagle Scout.

Bryan’s Court of Honor was fun to go to. He was one of three scouts that received Eagle within one year. Not many other troops, especially from a small town, can say that. Tonight I got all dolled up to honor Giacomo’s achievement and my own grandmother didn’t ever recognize me.

Giacomo lives across the street from Ma and Pa and takes his piano lessons at their house. He has kind of become her sixth grandchild and has the tendency to just show up just so he can practice the piano. His talent with music is incredible. He plays with he sheet music only a few times and he has it memorized and starts tweaking it to make it his own. The first time my mom heard Giacomo play her piano, she cried because she hadn’t heard it played like that in years. We all just love to sit there and listen to him.

Tonight we got to meet more of his family and put faces to names of people that Giacomo has talked about. It was a beautiful ceremony that was held outside while the sun started to sink behind the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The breeze (it was borderline breezy and windy) was a nice contrast to the heat we had today. The wind did knock over the Boy Scout flag a couple of times and the candles refused to stay lit, if the scouts managed to light them at all. A few flaws due to nature didn’t lessen the mood of anyone there.

Congratulations to Giacomo on this incredible honor that has taken a lot of hard work to achieve a goal such as this.


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