The last time that I got sunburnt I had the worst reaction possible. My muscles spasmed and I couldn’t control it. The itching was unbearable and shouldn’t have started that early. Usually it takes a few days for the itching to start, but for me it only takes hours. When I explained all of my symptoms to my doctor, she told me that it is very rare but I am allergic to sunburns.

One of my main problems when it comes to being sunburnt is that I’m also allergic to aloe which is the number one treatment because aloe soothes the skin and keeps it from freaking out. I break out in blisters. My other main problem is that I’m so fair-skinned that it doesn’t take much for my skin to burn. Most sunscreens aren’t strong enough and no matter how much I put on, I still burn. It just won’t be as bad.

I didn’t even think about sunscreen this Saturday when I decided to wear a tank top to the Swap Meet. After being in the sun for about 30 minutes, my shoulders were fried. I tried taking a picture on Saturday night but they didn’t turn out. I’m on day three of being burnt and the muscle spasms are starting and I have been itching, despite all of my attempts to calm my skin, started Saturday night. I don’t look like I’m that burnt but I hurt as if I was as red as a cooked lobster.

I have been slathering the lotion and Solorcaine and neither seems to be working. I love being outside in the sun and hate the fact that I usually have to wear a long sleeve shirt just to protect my skin. I don’t tan. I get burnt, I blister, peel and go back to being white. My arms will tan slightly but not by much. I’m going to stop writing because I’m so uncomfortable sitting here when my shoulders itch this bad and my muscles spasm because of it. Sleeping tonight is going to be a bitch.

I hate this.

One a good note… my best friend is here visiting!!! We haven’t seen each other since July 2009. We get to hang out tomorrow. I cannot wait.


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